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Lurve, Beth :D

Because free stuff is cool...

Got this over on the website, copy and pasted. Free button, cheap buttons. Remember kids, if you don't vote, you can't complain about the government! So run, run to the polls this November and vote for your leader of choice.


Want a free Obama button? MoveOn's giving them away totally free--no strings attached. I just got mine, and wanted to share the opportunity with you.

Click this link to get a free Obama button:





Horrible Fan Art!

This is an ATC, or Artist Trading Card. It is a miniture piece of art done most commonly, as this one is, on a playing card. It measures 2 x 3 inches (I'm sure it will appear larger in the graphic). I make a lot of ATC's. They are quick, easy, and satisfying, If anyone is interested, many more ATC's can be found in my portfolio on DeviantArt.

i'm not normally one for making fanart. I normally prefer to admire other's fanart. Like

salamandersoup. She's awesome, btw. But here it is, proof that my fandoms do affect my art. 

Ta da! My Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog ATC! I dedicate it to erinm_4600


And back:

Enjoy! Feel free to repost as you feel inspired, just please give me credit and a note so I know where my artwork is traveling.



Quirks and Habits

Okay, I'll bite. 

Write three facts, two quirks, and two habits, then tag eight people to do it too.

1. Fact: I love armadillos, but I have no desire to meet one in real life.

2. Fact: I love avacados like life.

3. Fact: I think in fanfiction. Like all the time.

4. Quirk: I kiss the back of my hand and slap it to the ceiling every time I go through a yellow light.

5. Quirk: I pray to saints for everything. Especially St. Anthony - "Tony, Tony, look around. Somethings lost and can't be found."

6. Habit: I have a set of jewelry that I must have on everyday. If I'm missing something, I don't feel right all day. The set is three rings, two pairs of earrings, a necklace, and my med ID bracelet.

7. Habit: I buy new pens at the beginning of every school year.

Tag: Whoever cares to respond.

Things I need to get off my chest...

I am unnaturally concerned about Christian Bale. He seems to be going through some hard times, and I know I'm probably delusional, but I believe every word he's saying. I don't think he did anything wrong.

Christian Bale was the first actor that stole my heart the very first time I saw him. I have been a devote fan for years. I've seen some very strange films in the quest to see everything he has done. And I adore him. Wholeheartedly, in a not creepy stalker fan way. And I suppose my major concern is that all this hoopla will tarnish the reputation of someone I've come to love. 

And today, I read an article all about how close he was to Heath Ledger, and how he went into seclusion for 6 weeks after Heath's death. I'm very concerned that my favorite Welshman needs some support. Now, I'm not crazy enough to actually try and contact the guy, but I can pray.  And I can ask my other crazy fangirls to pray too. Just spare a thought, for an incredible actor, who is having some hard times. If nothing else do it for me.

Honestly, look at those eyes!

Dreams and Such

I'm all moved. And I'm mostly unpacked, so good for me! 

I love my roomie, she is super sweet and I think we are going to have a good time together. The dogs, all four of them, certainly seem to be enjoying themselves.

So I had this odd dream the other night...

I come into the house from WalMart, carrying a bunch of bags. Mostly groceries, some other random stuff, like replacement earrings for my 'trainers.' I'm doing that thing where I carry way more than I should because I don't want to have to go back out to the car. I have managed to get in the door and the dogs were all going nuts, PB & J in their crate, Dixie in her's, and Nellie in Vanessa's bedroom. So I'm yelling at dogs to shut up and juggling bags when I hear some one say "Hey! Hey, over here."

I pause, trying to figure out if I actually heard something - is the tv on? And I hear it again "Behind you."

I turn around towards the door and look at the Jesus picture hung there on the wall
(It's actually there, in a gold frame with a built in light and it changes back and forth between two pics when you walk by. Honest to blog. Literally.). The Jesus in the picture proceeds to say "Hi there" and take a seat on the rock beside him.

I scream and drop all the bags. The dogs go even crazier.

Jesus says "Hush!" and the dogs all stop barking.

I'm blinking in utter disbelief. Jesus says "It's okay. You aren't crazy."

"You would know," I say. Apparently I'm witty when utterly shocked.

He smiles and dismisses my comment. "I know you're worried, about living with someone like Vanessa."

I nod.
(And I am worried. She's very religious and devote, and I'm just this side of Pagan. I'm really concerning I'm going to freak her out.)

"I know you think that she thinks the reason you are here is so she can save you. So she can rub off on you."

I nod again. Wit has fled.

"But you are here to rub off on her."

"Really?" Incredulous has sprinted in to fill the space.

Jesus nods, his head a little shimmery, like things look when they are on those shifting picture things. "You can handle this. You know how. And like you say all  the  time 'It'll be okay.'"

Really? Jesus just quoted me? Rock on!

I don't really remember much more to the dream. I'm sure we made small talk until the ice cream began to melt and I had to put the groceries away.

I'm not one to doubt the higher powers, but I think Jesus was wrong. 

I think I'm bat-shit crazy.

Labyrinth Fans (and others)

I was originally going to send this info to

erinm_4600, but I thought others may enjoy it too.

I adore DeviantArt. It steals my soul on a daily basis. Two of the MANY, many artists that I watch are: 

1. Pika-la-cynique  http://pika-la-cynique.deviantart.com/
2. Asherhyder  http://asherhyder.deviantart.com/

Read "Roommates" on Asherhyder's account first, and filter in with Pika-la-cynique's "Girls Next Door." Fanservice to Phantom, Labyrinth, Les Mis, Pirates of the Caribbean in the main characters. Nods to Sweeney Todd, Lord of the Rings, and Good Omens in the secondary characters (I'm sure there are more, but I remember these). Oh, and Asheryhder just started a Wizard of Oz arc on "Roommates."

And if you have time, go check out my portfolio (which has a shocking lack of fanart) at http://museumgirl.deviantart.com



Of Mice and Men

I know, I know. It's been awhile since I've had a story to tell.

So I'm moving. I hope. If Vanessa doesn't call me back soon I may hypervenilate. But that isn't the point of my story today.

Mom and I came down from the Lou (or rather the Pete) this morning. We had a lovely lunch and began attacking the house, back porch first.

I had a mouse, back in the winter. It was in my kitchen and eventually it vacated. I think it finally figured out that the only decent food was the peanut butter on the mouse traps. I never caught the bugger, but eventually the PB stopped disappearing off the traps.

We found evidence of the mouse on the back porch. One box I unloaded had droppings and chewed on dog food bits in it. Gross, yes. But it could be worse. I was complaining to Mom about my winter house pest while I opened another box.

Now, I'm not really a girly-girl, per se. But when that Mother-f'ing mouse jumped out of that box and took off behind the dryer, you bet your sweet ass I screamed like a girl. Like a girly-girl. Like a girly-girly-girl who under different circumstances I would have made fun of. Frickin' thing! Those suckers are quick. And sneaky. Mom says she could see my heart beating from across the room.


Later in the day, we took off for WalMart. Now, I live in the country, so this is always a shot in the dark. The highlight, perhaps lowlight, today was the gentleman (and I use that term VERY loosely) who was dragging a baby carrier by the strap on the bottom of it. Now this seemed odd enough as he was walking towards us. He was grizzly looking fellow, wearing camoflage shorts and a cut up tshirt, his facial hair threatening to engulf his face and possibly those within arms reach as well. But the oddest part was the baby calmly sleeping in the carrier as it was drug along the floor.

I am no longer surprised. By much of anything, honestly.

Meme Thing

Totally stole this from Salamandersoup.

1) Answer the questions, and type your answers into Google Image Search.
2) Post pictures from first page of results.

1. Age at next birthday:

'Cause I refuse to turn 26...

2. Place you'd like to visit:

3. Favorite Place:

St. Louis City Museum, best place ever!

4. Favorite Object:

5. Favorite Food:

6. Favorite Animal:

7. Favorite Color:

8. Place where you were born:

9. Place where you live:

Seriously! I found a pic of myself! Creepiness.

10. Name of a past pet:

11. Friend's nickname:

12. Screen Name:

Yay for finding my own company logo!

13. Your first name:

14. Your middle name:

15. Your last name:

16. A bad habit of yours:

17. Your first job:

18. Your grandmother's name:

19, Your college major:

Did you hear what Ms. Holt did?!

"I heard she drop kicked a zombie!"

"Well I heard she roundhouse kicked the zombie, Chuck Norris style!"

Seriously, I didn't. Well, not physically. I did lay some verbal smackdown, but really, the zombie had it coming.

What a day it has been. I have never, ever, ever had such bad customer service. Is it a perquisite to work at Six Flags that you must be grumpy and unreasonable? Okay, so the first three zombies were pretty reasonable.

"Look, I have 46 sugar-high, really tired, kinda grumpy teenagers here. Could you zombies please leave them be? I know they are being annoying. They are teenagers, it’s their job. But we're trying to get organized. Could you please go, uh, haunt someone else?" I pleaded.

Nice lady zombie. "Sure. We were just trying to head off some problems. We'll steer clear." Shakes my hand and leaves.

Not five minutes later, we are still trying to account for two students, and I get clipped by a hooded, masked zombie. I lean down and say to him "Look, I've already talked to a few of you colleagues. Could you please leave my group alone?"

Proper response, leave.

Not what happened.

Said zombie pulls off hood, pulls down mask and proceeds to argue with me. I don't think so!

Said zombie: "(All short man indignant) I've been working this crowd since dark and people have touched me. They aren't supposed to touch us."

Me: "Well it wasn't one of my kids."

Zombie: "Can you be sure that it wasn't?"

I really don't like being told what to do. And I dislike even more when someone gets pissy about my students. Not a good idea. You wouldn't like me when I'm angry.

Me: "(Pissed off! Did you just accuse my kids?) Excuse me? (Cue eye twitch) I have never in my life had such bad customer service as I have today. This is beyond ridiculous."

Zombie: "(With the attitude) We have a job... (Continued indignant argument)"

Me: "Yeah, its called customer service. I am a customer, you work here. Ever heard of the customer is always right? How dare you speak to me in such a way. I have a group of fifty. Think you can do the math on that? And you're going to argue with me about whether or not you should go away?"

Zombie continues to argue with me. There is a vein popping on my forehead somewhere. We are attracting a crowd. Enter security guard.

Guard: "(To zombie) You need to go talk to [security guard] Mike over there. (To me) My name is Steve. How can I help?"

Me: "I really don't appreciate being argued with, and I really don't appreciate employees accusing my kids of doing things they haven't."

Guard Steve: "The zombies know that they are to back away when told 'no.' I apologize for this incident."

It went on from there. Steve was very polite. Hooded zombie is probably going to be fired. I don't feel bad. The train guy was grumpy. The chick running the Rush Street Flyer looked like she hadn't slept in days. The dude in the parking lot yelled at my kids to get back on the bus, like five times. We heard him the first time. It takes a minute to get back in there. Cut us some slack. The people at the restaurant were really nice. Seriously? WTF!

Six Flags' customer service lacks. But Tony Hawk's Big Spin was awesome!

I'm tired.